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Situated in the heart of Ancoats, our vibrant bar offers a welcoming ambiance, pet-friendly outdoor seating, and an inviting atmosphere for all.

Indulge in our Social Sessions every Friday and Saturday, where talented DJs curate an eclectic mix of beats that will ignite your spirit and keep you dancing all night long. Immerse yourself in the energy and connect with friends, both new and old, in an atmosphere that radiates warmth and camaraderie.

Step outside and find your place in our inviting outdoor area, where you can unwind, soak up the fresh air, and enjoy our thoughtfully selected wines and craft beers. We're not just pet-friendly; we're pet enthusiasts! Bring your furry companions along and revel in the joy of socializing together in a space that embraces their presence.

Prepare your taste buds for an extraordinary culinary experience. Our kitchen, helmed by a skilled chef, presents a delightful fusion of British cuisine with a tantalizing Brazilian twist. Experience the best of both worlds as traditional flavors are elevated with vibrant spices and innovative techniques, creating a menu that surprises and delights.

Join us at Blossom Street Social, where flavors, music, and socializing converge to create unforgettable memories. Raise your glass, share laughter, and make connections that will endure long after the night ends. Welcome to a haven where the art of socializing is celebrated in style. Cheers to the good times that await at Blossom Street Social!

Image by Gabriel Barletta

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