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Social Sessions

Get ready to immerse yourself in captivating live music during our Friday & Saturday Social Sessions. We've curated a lineup of talented DJs to create unforgettable evenings filled with soulful melodies and vibrant performances.

Every Friday and Saturday, our intimate venue transforms into a haven for music enthusiasts. Whether you're a fan of acoustic tunes, jazz melodies, or energetic tunes, our Social Sessions offer a diverse range of genres to cater to all musical preferences. From soothing ballads to lively beats that make you want to dance, our lineup is sure to satisfy your craving for exceptional live music.

Whether you're a DJ just starting your vinyl journey or have been spinning records for over three decades, our venue welcomes you with open arms. We believe in creating a vibrant community that embraces diversity and supports the collective love for vinyl and its captivating sonic qualities.

By keeping vinyl alive in our venue, we pay homage to the rich history of DJ culture and its roots in vinyl records. The crackle as the needle touches the spinning vinyl, the warmth of the sound, and the ability to truly connect with the music on a tangible level—these are the experiences that make vinyl unique.


Relax, groove, and socialize with friends in our welcoming space. Let the music be your guide as you enjoy the perfect blend of ambiance and companionship. Unwind, connect, and create memories that will last a lifetime.


By showcasing local DJs, we aim to foster a sense of pride and unity, creating a space where the community can come together to appreciate the rich musical tapestry that surrounds us.

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